"..helped me to understand and manage my anxiety. I am now in a completely different place with it"

Client SH initially came to me with a debilitating level of anxiety. Over the course of 10 sessions we discerned what was causing the anxiety and progressively worked through it. One of the key elements to her success was her strong desire to overcome the issue. To my client's surprise it did not take years of therapy to overcome the issue just a strong desire for change.

Client SH " When I started my therapy journey I was at the lowest point I have ever felt with my anxiety and fears. I couldn't see that there would ever be a way of escaping it. After being persuaded to try Paul's Counselling and Life Coaching approach I remained apprehensive of how much could be done.

Paul helped me to understand my anxiety, learn about myself and find ways of managing this. I am now in a completely different place, feeling happy and settled. I can't thank Paul enough for what he has done for me and highly recommend him!

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