"I have successfully reached the target for my initial medical treatments..."

February 11th 2020.

Coach - When faced with any client with a medical issue I believe it is important to understand the client's beliefs about the mind-body connection. Unfortunately, a widely held belief appears to be that the mind and body operate separately. However, there is a volume of evidence that suggests our mind, thoughts and emotions effect the functionality of our body indirectly and directly. We have all heard the term "mind over matter" but where do we get to learn how to enhance the mind and then direct it to facilitate positive changes to the health of the body?

The work that Richard and I did together focused on creating a positive outcome for a serious health condition. This also included a change to Richard's mindset and to get his mind more active toward the positive outcome that he wanted.

Client - "I approached Paul on the advice of my wife. She had successfully undergone a treatment programme with him in 2019. Coming from a scientific & medical background I was somewhat sceptical about what could be achieved. I was looking for help when faced with a serious heart health problem: the sort of help which might give me strength and confidence to face the various medical interventions. Paul helped me achieve my aims but also provided an entirely unexpected direction to my thinking and understanding, something which I would never have encountered in my strictly science-medicine world. The result being that I have successfully reached the target for my initial medical treatments and have set targets for positive future outcomes. I now see Paul’s approach as a very helpful adjunct to medical treatments in specific instances".

Dr. Richard White

Professor of Tissue Viability,

DDRC Wound Care,

Derriford Hospital,


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