"...I am a better me in every way".

I am always excited when a new client commits to a process of change. From my perspective as a therapist and a coach, it is fascinating to see how an individual's process of change naturally unfolds. Client EM's pathway to change was very fast indeed. EM came to me in a state of deep inner turmoil but by the end of our work together she skipped out of the door and re-engaged with the important things in her life. Here is what EM had to say about our work together:

Client EM -"I was in a black hole and falling deeper by the day, feelings of self hate, no confidence, depression, heavy drinking, anxiety, emotional anger and pain. I felt like a " victim ", with endless thoughts of " why me " and at times I was having suicidal thoughts.

I reached out, realising that I needed help, needed to change something but unsure how. Contacting Paul took so much strength, however it was the best thing I could of done.

During my initial meeting with Paul, I immediately felt a huge sense of relief, hope for the future, and he made me feel extremely at ease and most importantly that I wasn't " going mad ".

Session by session I could feel a change in myself, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Paul's positive high energy, love of life, knowledge, understanding and outlook proved invaluable. He also has a great sense of humour, is down to earth and really easy to talk to, non-judgmental and a has a huge wealth of fascinating information.

He worked with me at my own pace, didn't hold back with sometimes difficult questions, encouraging me to think in a whole new way and deal with different situations. Each week I really looked forward to my session, had a real hunger to read and learn as much as possible. After each session I felt full of positive energy, a love of life and excitement for the future.

Today I am truly a happy, balanced and transformed character, certainly not a victim of my past. I have self love,a love of life, excitement for whats around the corner, hope, immense energy and gratitude. I am a better me in every way. Week by week I collected the tools he taught me, I am now fully equipped and have my own personal tool box.

My creativity has returned, I have plans to start my own business and a new career.

I really cant thank Paul enough, I am incredibly grateful and appreciative to him for setting me off on this amazing journey. A journey where the gates continue to open, I don't have to be perfect now, having a bad day is ok, small steps are progress, asking for help is strength and I have awareness of just how much I am loved and appreciated, something I couldn't connect to before".


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