"...I am no longer thinking of the past. Only the future now."

To a degree, I believe that we all wear a mask and client LT was no different. From the outside LT was clean cut, upright in his posture and smiley. However, underneath the surface he was in a state of inner turmoil, which did not befit his physical appearance. From our first session he expressed how good it felt to finally talk about his issues. I assured him that everything he said was confidential and that I would not judge him no matter what he shared. I felt that was the key to LT being able to speak his truth and unburden himself of his worries and concerns.

Client LT - "At the start of last year I felt the world crashing down on me. I had no understanding why? I spent months trying to battle through life. My confidence was shot I felt myself totally distant to my friends and family with overwhelming thoughts constantly dwelling over the past mistakes I had made but I had no idea why? I knew something had to change.

I was highly recommend to Paul at Nirvana Coaching through a friend who had had life changing results. After a lot of thinking and courage I knew something had to change so decided to see him. The first meeting I had with Paul I was very nervous and really didn’t know what to expect.

After the first session I honestly could not believe how much better I felt. He understands everything and it felt so easy and relaxed to talk to him about issues I had bottled up for years. In that one session I felt differently already.

You could sense how passionate he is about what he does and his focus and belief in helping me to turn my life around was mesmerising. Well It certainly worked. After my twelve sessions with Paul using different techniques and thought processes I was no longer the man I was when I came to see him. And friends and family could see it, I had a smile on my face again.

I felt reconnected, that this wonderful world we live in has endless opportunities to offer me. My thought process has changed, my family and friends are closer than ever and I am no longer thinking of the past. Only the future now.

I am now planning on traveling to see more of the world. This would not of happened if hadn’t come to see Paul. I highly recommended Nirvana Coaching to anyone that thinks they need help or direction in life. He TRULY is gifted at helping people."


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