"... changed the way I think, and therefore the way I live in a huge way".

Client PR came to me with what he described as " a lot of mental and emotional baggage". He appeared to be very stuck in his life and could not see a way forward to what he really wanted. Over the course of twelve weeks we unpicked the knot in his thinking and week by week I saw a significant change in his thinking and approach to life.

This is what PR had to say about our work together - "When I first started working with Paul I was quite frankly struggling with everything. Things from the past were bothering the present and what potentially could be in front of me. From the off it was very obvious that this profession is what Paul loves, everything was done to 100% and it really showed. We took everything back to its routes and found exactly what was influencing everything I do and the way I was doing it. From this, we changed the way I think, and therefore the way I live in a huge way. One or two things we worked on have impacted so many other parts of my life in such a positive manor, the information given enabled me to move forward. Paul is extremely helpful and committed throughout the entire journey, I was a bit apprehensive at first but it was nothing like I first expected. I highly recommend Paul at Nirvana Coaching!


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