NPR Client Testimonial

My client, who I will call TJ, is a very active and fit individual. He is very driven and has big ambitions for his life. TJ's presenting issue was his inability to deal with negative feedback from people he deemed important to his plans or ideas. When receiving (what he perceived as) negative feedback, he would experience a host of symptoms including worry and anxiety, and a heightened perception of the negatives. This led to overthinking and feeling overwhelmed. He would often then get stuck in his head, and loop until he felt very angry with himself. This looping then affected his sleep pattern, and his performance in important areas, such as sport, career and relationships.

I recommended a ten session programme, to run once a week at two hours per session. Once we had established the root cause of the issue, we proceeded to the main intervention. TJ reported a number of positive changes in the weeks that followed. In the subsequent weeks, during sessions, he stated that he was:

- more focused on what he wanted to do to be successful.

- ignoring others opinions more.

- more focused on what he was doing and therefore more efficient.

- focusing more on doing one thing at a time.

- 70% less stressed and annoyed with himself.

- felt 70% less mental exhaustion.

- more present.

- feeling more energy.

- sleeping better.

- more streamlined and therefore more successful in his activities.

Below is his testimonial, which he wrote three weeks after our final session.


"When I first started working with Paul I was quite frankly struggling with everything. Things from the past were bothering the present and what potentially could be in front of me. From the off it was very obvious that this profession is what Paul loves, everything was done to 100% and it really showed. We took everything back to its roots and found exactly what was influencing everything I do and the way I was doing it. From this, we changed the way I think, and therefore the way I live in a huge way. One or two things we worked on have impacted so many other parts of my life in such a positive manner, the information given enabled me to move forward. Paul was extremely helpful and committed throughout the entire journey, I was a bit apprehensive at first but it was nothing like I first expected. Highly recommend Paul at Nirvana!"

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