In 2016 Steph lost 5 stone 9 lbs!

"I end 2016 with over £4000 raised for the charity, 5 stone 9 lbs lighter....."

When Paul approached me with the exceptionally kind offer to support me with my charity slim this year, I jumped at the chance.

I was in a very positive and determined frame of mind at this point, but then I always am at the beginning of a diet. My cyclical pattern of strict diet followed by falling off the wagon and throwing in the towel is a very well warn path! I had therefore no problems identifying my patterns but it was extremely useful to write it down. With Paul I began to identify the fact I had two very different parts of me, and that in all other areas of my life these entities (I called them Thelma and Louise!) worked creatively and well. However with food and exercise it was ‘all or nothing’ and this was a destructive way to behave for me.

I also engaged in some Family Constellation work. Having undergone many years of Psychotherapy as a Mental Health Professional and trained in this area myself, I did not need to do as much in-depth work as perhaps others might, however it was still really useful to identify the inherited ‘unhelpful’ ways of being and to hand these back down the generational line.

I did not have many ‘wobbles’ this year because I had chosen a charity to support I am passionate about, and also did this in memory of my father who died last year. These motivators made it easier to keep on task. It was demoralising when at times I did not lose weight (sometimes for weeks) and Paul helped keep my mind focused on the goal. He stretched me to consider losing more than I thought I could and challenged me when I still saw myself as someone who would always be big. I found that I was defensive at this idea to begin with but I soon started asking myself why I couldn’t do these things.

Approximately half way through the process Paul introduced hypnosis. I was really interested in this and enjoyed the process although to be honest for many months I felt I couldn’t quite relax enough into it although I was seeing results so it must have been working. One example is, I suggested that I order Sparkling Water when at a bar or restaurant rather than alcohol and Paul worked this into the Hypnosis script. Suddenly I found that I craved sparkling water whenever I was out and couldn’t seem to order anything else! Towards the end of our time working together I found that I relaxed into the hypnosis almost immediately and this was a really satisfying development.

Undertaking this work with Paul has given me the drive to try new things physically and to believe I can do anything I put my mind to. I have always had this self belief with my work and in other areas of my life but never when its come to diet or exercise. One of the most frightening times this year was sitting in my first Spinning Class at the gym. I was absolutely terrified that I’d never keep up with the super fit members of the group. When the class ended and I’d not only survived but actually thrived in the class, I cried with relief. That was a very emotional moment.

I end 2016 with over £4000 raised for the charity, 5 stone 9 lbs lighter and with a Christmas Day Dip on the cards! I am excited about 2017 as I begin training for a 5 km run… this space!


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