Barnaby Cox - British Surfing Champion!!!

I have been working with Barnaby Cox throughout 2016. Specifically we have been working together to improve his mindset and mental resilience in competition surfing. On October 9th Barnaby achieved his main goal for 2016 and is now the under 16's British Surfing Champion.

I asked Barnaby to comment on his journey this year and here is what he had to say: "At the beginning of the year Paul helped me set my intentions for 2016. After my intentions and goals were on paper for the year we considered that for me to become British champion I had to work on a few aspects of my game. I had to work on my physical strength, fitness, surfing technique and mindset.

After setting my goals I started going to the gym every week and started swimming twice a week. I had to work really hard sometimes but I kept my goals in mind and kept imagining the feeling of winning the British Championships. Every session at swimming or the gym I always went in thinking it would all be worth it when I won. Paul has helped me with so many mental blocks over the last two years and I cannot imagine I would have won the biggest event of the year if I was still stood behind the walls that once restricted me.

Before the final I went through my specific physical warm up and mental rehearsal routine and brought my focus and energy into the present and place (something me and Paul have worked on and developed throughout the year). I did this before every heat and won every heat I had!" (Barnaby)

As a coach it is a real privilege to see someone overcome their mental blocks. As I watched Barnaby stand tall on the podium and hoist his trophy in the air to the effervescent sounds of applause, I said to myself "you're a British Champion Barnaby, and you really deserve this!"

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