".....helped me to realise I have the confidence and tools to do anything I set my mind too."

July 19, 2016

"I always went about my life thinking I wasn't fully in control of it and as a result of this I never truly felt happy in life. Paul helped me to realise I have the confidence and tools to do anything I set my mind too. I learnt that things happen for a reason whether it's a good or a bad thing, but either way it gives me information to use and move forward in life. Being able to let go of what I thought were bad decisions I had made in the past, were actually valuable lessons. I have now let go of the bad feelings attached to these old memories. I don't think anyone can be fully in control of their life, but learning to not worry about what could be round the corner and instead relish the challenges and unknown things that are in store for me is something I am learning to love and enjoy now. I am very relaxed and able to jump any hurdles that are in my way . Things are moving in the right direction for me and I am taking it in my stride at a relaxed pace I am happy with."

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"...I am a better me in every way".

September 25, 2019

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