2016 Surfing Championships - Barnaby makes the English U16's Final!

After some major achievements in the UK under 14's division, Bude Surfer Barnaby Cox has now stepped up into the U 16's division. In his first event of the season, the English National Surfing Championships, he made it all the way to the final! Here's what he had to say about his first achievement in this division. " With a few days to go before the contest I felt concerned about a few things. I was imagining worst case scenarios and using this as an excuse not to achieve, as I was anticipating far worse scenarios than could ever actually happen. After some coaching with Paul I realised there wasn't actually anything holding me back, just what was going around in my head!

Last year I came second in this contest in the under 14's, so I was pretty excited and hungry for a result in the under 16's. This year I naturally had to step my game up as I jumped to the under 16's division. Worrying about age categories and other things I cannot control only worsens my surfing so I have learnt to relax more, focus more, and just enjoy it really.

During the contest I felt good and like I was surfing pretty well. I got to the finals where I came fourth in England and I learnt a lot. On the day of the finals part of my mind rebelled against the idea of winning. On that morning I woke up with a cold and didn't feel great. This I think is a mental block, which I am going to work on with Paul in the future."

As a performance coach I am always looking for the internal blocks that sabotage achievement. Barnaby very openly tells us in his summary how a part of his mind sabotaged him, he believes the cold was psychosomatic. Increasingly, Neuroscience suggests that the mind and body are intricately linked and this may indeed have been the case. Follow our progress as we work toward Barnaby's goals throughout this year.

If you sense that you are sabotaging your own performance and you are ready to deal with it, feel free to give me a call and arrange a consultation.

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