"....I can honestly say I have never felt so confident and relaxed around people in all my life

I came to see Paul to see if we could work on my social anxiety problem that's been plaguing me for about 14 years now.

After 6 highly enjoyable sessions of Neural Pathway Restructuring (NPR) I can honestly say I have never felt so confident and relaxed around people in all my life! I can now walk into previously scary social situations and feel pretty much totally at ease. I feel so comfortable now in certain situations that I don't even seem to think about how comfortable or uncomfortable I actually am. I'll be sitting down in a large group in a meeting or some other event and half way through I'll suddenly notice how incredibly at ease I feel when previously, before the NPR I would have been so full of anxiety and so tensed up that I would have had a headache.

It's wonderful and the positive changes seem to be flowing into other areas of my life too. I just feel so much more comfortable with people and this is making me generally much happier and more productive in my work too.

Thanks Paul.


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