Creating Well Formed Outcomes

Note: I refer to intentions, goals, outcomes and end results as one and the same thing and use them interchangeably.

Before we start anything important it is essential to first know the end result we want. Having an intention helps us to focus and mobilise our energy, skills and other internal resources. By starting with an intention we set sail towards the end result that we want, creating a stronger sense of where we are headed.

When you know the outcome you want, run it through the check list below to add further detail and clarity to your mental picture.


  1. Make sure your intention is stated in positive terms (state what you want, not what you don’t want!)

  2. Make sure your goal is time bound. When exactly do you want it by? (If the goal is too far away you may feel unmotivated, if it is too soon you may feel overwhelmed!) Set a date that is realistic yet stretches you a little.

  3. Does your outcome directly involve others? If there is a partner or others involved you may want to include them in the process and create the outcome together.

  4. Visualise - create a full sensory experience of what it is like when you have your outcome. - What will you see? - What will you feel? - What will you hear? - What will you smell? - How will it taste?

  5. Ecology - ask yourself, is it OK for me to have this outcome? For example, say my goal is to have a Ferrari but my family situation requires a people carrier, ask “will that outcome be beneficial or create new problems”?

  6. Pay attention to any internal resistance or objections to having your outcome (pay attention to thoughts and feelings that may come up). A general rule here is “the bigger the goal the more the possibility of internal resistance”. Some ways to manage resistance: a) rather than deny, acknowledge what comes up b) account for the identified resistance c) consistently calm and reassure yourself (i.e. your inner child) d) stay focused on what you want

  7. Know why you want this goal, what are your reasons? When you have a big enough WHY you will have all the motivation you need.

  8. Identify the first stepping stone toward your outcome.

  9. Let go of your expectations of how exactly your outcome will arrive!

Now that you have the BIG picture, the details, your reasons WHY and awareness of any internal resistance, you are ready to start taking physical action…..GO FOR IT!

If you are ready to start working on your desired outcomes book in for a Consultation with Paul.


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