"Bad habits have reduced and I feel a glowing light of positivism inhabiting my head....."

March 1, 2016


“I was never a great believer in alternative therapies. I always dealt with problems internally, with varying degrees of success, but I had never been able to make myself do the one thing I have always wanted to do which is write. Somebody told me that hypnotherapy had helped them stop doing something so I wondered if it could help me start doing something. I contacted Paul and we met for a consultancy session. Paul was affable, approachable, personable, and clearly capable. He listened to what I wanted to achieve and told me what he could do to help me help myself. I signed up for a schedule of sessions. Over the course of 3 months Paul utilised a wide variety of techniques to help me achieve my goals. I looked forward to every appointment and the insight and revelation they would bring. I also learnt to look forward to the positive manifestations that his coaching caused in my general and everyday life. I have not written a best seller yet but I have started it. More than that, there have been many other changes for the better that I attribute to Paul’s therapies. Bad habits have reduced and I feel a glowing light of positivism inhabiting my head helping me make choices that are better for me and those around me. I truly believe that if you are committed to working with Paul to help yourself achieve your objective, you will get there.
Thank you Paul.” 

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"...I am a better me in every way".

September 25, 2019

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