“…helped me to shift my motivation toward doing the smaller things that would help me to reach my bi

I started working with Paul in November 2014 and initially we were focusing on improving my surfing performance levels. Within a short time we both became aware that I had mental blocks that were standing in the way of me achieving my competitive goals.

Not far in we found what felt like a huge problem in my motivation which was making me lazy and unhappy but I wanted to be happy and more motivated. Paul helped me to shift my motivation toward doing the smaller things that would help me to reach my bigger goals. Surprisingly, not only did it help my surfing but made me a better and happier person and it has changed my life around.

Further on we then set some goals, to reach the finals of major surfing events in the U.K throughout 2015, which required my surfing to get way better.

The weekend before last (May 2nd & 3rd) I competed at the ENGLISH NATIONALS, the first big comp of 2015. I dominated nearly all of my heats securing a place in the finals for the first time (which was one of my goals). In the final I came second and I am now second in England for my age division!

November 17, 2015

My mental game has changed. I am increasingly motivated, embracing change, aspirational and because of this I am more focussed on the things in my life that make me happy and that I like doing. Now, less than a year after we started working together I am ranked joint No.1 in Great Britain for my age group.

Barnaby Cox (age 14)

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