” …your past will finally be released and your life will change for the better.”

I have had the fantastic experience of working with Paul this past year on a number of issues that have been recurring for me throughout my life. The issues I have experienced have had deep emotional roots which I thought could not be resolved. I have worked with coaches and therapists in the past yet I felt something was blocking me getting to the root of my emotional pain and I was correct.

Paul has taken me on a journey of self discovery and self acceptance. He has gently yet masterfully guided and supported me in releasing emotions and beliefs I held which were holding me back and creating patterns in my life that caused upset and confusion.

I thought I knew what transformation felt like until I began working with Paul. He has crafted his skills to a point where anything I presented him with he had the skills and techniques to guide me through, much to my surprise as some of my ‘stuff’ I believed was with me forever. He is a highly intuitive and caring man who truly walks his talk. I’d also like to say that I was apprehensive about being so open about my emotional state with a man, however I have felt nothing less than supported and loved during our time together. He holds no judgements, has a great sense of humour and has a great knack of bringing up exactly what needs to be released and resolved at exactly the right time. Paul is one of those men who constantly challenge themselves and isn’t afraid to challenge his clients. I have experienced so much this year thanks to him, I have stepped out of my comfort zone with his support and I will carry on doing so.

If you get the chance to experience Paul’s coaching and therapy then go for it…Your past will finally be released and your life will change for the better.

Eleanor Ross, Transformation coach and practitioner

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