“…I have completely recovered from conditions I was told could not be cured!”

I was told M/E, CFS, and fibromyalgia could not be cured by the leading M/E professor in Cornwall. After several years of suffering pain and depression and pushing for a diagnosis I was faced with a life of pacing myself and giving up everything I loved including work.

Lurking in the back of my huge ‘illness’ folder was a leaflet on NLP techniques and managing such conditions and this was the start of my healing journey, little did I know I would be cured 2 years later! I studied and did some courses to learn as much as I could and made some progress but it wasn’t until I started having therapy with Paul that I realised I could actually be free of all of the pain and symptoms.

I started working with Paul in April 2012 and he didn’t just use his skills to help me manage the conditions, he set about finding the root cause of the issues. He left no stone unturned and I noticed immediate changes in my mind, my emotions and in my body. All this said, at no point did I feel like I had to go through any ordeals or events of the past and rake over old ground. Paul gently and firmly coached my body and mind to heal itself and now (January 2013) I have completely recovered from conditions I was told could not be cured!

I have learnt so much about living in the present, nurturing myself and I have turned my health around. I now make the best choices for ME and I choose how I want to feel. Paul is an amazing therapist, intuitive and easy to talk to, he makes you feel like nothing is impossible… Well I’m living proof of that!

Thank you,

RH – Advanced International Remedial Therapist

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