“…I faced up to my issues and dealt with them-at last!”

Since our work together I can honestly say life is very good. I am now using my existing business to fire up something I really love doing and off the back of that I find I am enjoying the care side of my work again. From that it seems the business is flourishing as I now have a “take it or leave it” attitude.

Paul I really do feel that I owe my new life and happiness to you. I only wish I could influence more people in the same trap to take the same steps as I did. I learnt so many tools that I can use as and when I need to. I know that friends who have worked with you also feel the same.

I am proud that I faced up to my issues and dealt with them-at last! If anyone needs a personal recommendation from experience I am happy to do that. Sadly mental health still seems to be taboo and anything that promotes recovery and helps people to realise they are not alone and it’s not something to be embarrassed about, it's fantastic!

All the Best,


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