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Relationship Coaching

  • Are you attracting the ‘wrong’ type of person romantically or experiencing problems within relationships?

  • Are you unhappy in an important relationship?

  • Are your family connections strained, confrontational or distant?

If the answer is yes to any of these then I can help you address what is causing your issues within a safe and compassionate environment.

This relationship coaching programme can help you make positive changes in your relationships.

The programme is designed for two or more people involved in a problematic relationship which may have a romantic, family, friend or business nature.
What is essential is that all members have a genuine desire to understand what is causing the issues and a desire to work towards resolving those issues.

After an initial consultation I will put together a tailored Coaching programme to suit your needs and address your specific issues. Relationship coaching starts at a minimum of 10 sessions that generally last between 1-2 hours each, although some sessions can be longer. Sessions are usually scheduled on a weekly basis; this helps us to build momentum throughout your Coaching programme.
It is vital that both or all people involved in the relationship attend the first meeting.


If you want to feel more love and connection in an important relationship, take the net step by clicking below.