Performance Coaching

 “To be our best we have to win at the mind game because we have two opponents, our own limitations and our competitors. When we overcome our own limitations we can then succeed against our competitors”. Joseph O Connor

Your mind-set and emotions play a key role in how you perform. A poor mental approach can lead to negative outcomes, impact your motivation and reduce your overall performance.
This Performance Coaching programme is been designed to help you achieve your goals through improving the psychological side of your performance.
In this Coaching programme I help you to develop the mental abilities and skills you need to succeed and improve your overall performance.

The framework for my performance coaching programme revolves around six key principles:








After an initial consultation where we discern your specific needs, I will put together a personalised programme for you. Programmes usually start with 12 weekly sessions each lasting between 1-2 hours. This may vary and I can support you on a short or long term basis, once a week or more, depending on what you need for your particular field.
There are two stages to the work, clearing inner blockages and then programming your mind towards getting the results you want using Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) and 
Neuro Pathway Restructuring™.










Take a look at anyone who is succeeding and you will see that they have a powerful mind-set.


“Some people want it to happen,some wish it would happen, others make it happen."  -  Michael Jordan                                   

Make it happen, arrange your consultation now.

After following a personalised programme a previous client has written, “My mental game has changed. I am increasingly motivated, embracing change, aspirational and because of this I am more focussed on the things in my life that make me happy and that I like doing.……now, less than a year after we started working together I am ranked joint No.1 in Great Britain for my age group.”

  • Advanced goal setting

  • Increasing internal Locus-of-Control

  • Improving motivation strategies

  • Developing a can-do mind-set

  • Working through internal blocks and self-sabotaging behaviour

  • Positive mental programming